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LION Asset Management specializes in developing very low volatility, market proof portfolios that allow our clients to sleep at night regardless of what is occurring in the stock market. We believe your portfolio should make money regardless if we are in a bull market or a bear market. A properly allocated portfolio will control the volatility and provide both the income and growth every client is looking for. Low volatility is the key to remaining fully invested and prevents the biggest mistake; buying high and selling low.

LION Asset Management focuses on the investor that understands the following:

Capital preservation is the most important aspect of any portfolio.
Your career will provide your wealth.
You cannot replace your wealth.
There is a tremendous difference between investing and gambling.
Every retirement portfolio must provide you with the income you need to live on for the rest of your life.

We develop a balanced and diversified portfolio that protects your money. Our portfolio is designed to assure that your wealth will survive any event; including an event that would be devastating to any individual element within the portfolio. In other words, our portfolio should protect you no matter what the future brings.

There is no such thing as high or low risk as no one wants to lose money. Every client at Lion Asset Management has the same goal; capital preservation with the proper amount of growth and income to live on for the rest of their lives. Every client has the same asset allocation and is invested in the same securities. When we buy or sell a security for one account, we do it for all of our accounts. This enables us to manage every clients account every day.